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Building Blocks of Effective Business Startups

How NLP Can Be a Tool for Effective Business Communication and Leadership

Building a business or starting one is like nurturing a baby. It can be frustrating at times and rewarding at the others. But you still have to go on to see it blooming and successful one day.

Starting up a hustle or building up a small business from the lower levels requires utmost determination, perseverance, and a foolproof strategy. And the most important part of executing any strategy is communication.

Communication – At the Core of Building a Business

Communication lies at the core of running a business successfully.

Unless and until you are able to communicate clearly and concisely with your team, with your customers, with your financiers, and with your own self, you are stuck in a whirlpool with no advancement or progress possible.

Importance of Internal Communication

The communication of the business executives with their employees is 'internal communication.' It is significant to hold a seamless internal work environment. It helps in:

  • Employee engagement through informing, educating, and inspiring them

  • Leads to a better working environment

  • Boosts employees' morale

  • Communicate organizations' values, purposes, and goals to employees

  • Align them with business goals

  • Engage them in their roles fully

Importance of External Communication

Connecting with your clients, customers, and audience through direct interaction with the media, press releases, interviews, features, briefings, etc., is 'external communication.' It is the key to strike the right chord with your target customers. The goal of external communication is:

· Promote/ market the company

· increase sales and revenue

· build a positive image of the business

All these goals of effective communication are achievable only if the higher management and the individuals in key hierarchy roles can effectively communicate with their teams. A seamless internal communication can lead to good external communication.

How to Effectively Communicate While Leading a Startup

There are plenty of communication courses and training that can help business leaders polish their business communication skills. However, one discipline that can truly alter the approach of business leaders by a full 360 degree is using NLP as life training.

NLP provides the managers and leaders with a lifestyle and thought process that can help them at multiple levels during the course of their careers.

NLP – A multi-dimensional Approach

NLP is a multi-dimensional approach to dealing with people. It is a mix of psychology, neurology, and linguistics that equips individuals with the skills to harmonize their mind and body, i.e., their thought process with their physical reactions to any situation.

This harmony of mind and action can lead to a more poised, efficient, and successful ability to control the thoughts and feelings and manage their crisis response and management, decision making, etc.

Practicing NLP – How It Refines Your Leadership Skills

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about learning the language of the brain. How an individual processes a piece of information and how do they react to it. If you can take control of your own mind and actions, you can set a better example as a team lead and initiate a positive response in your team to help build the foundation of a sound business setup. NLP makes you learn how to:

· Communicate more effectively

· Lead more efficiently

· Create better workplace relationships

Using the NLP techniques in your business discourse, you can effectively straighten out the kinks in the communication and improve your leadership skills. How NLP improves you as a leader is as follows:

  • Flexibility

NLP makes you learn how to stay flexible in your thinking and behavior. It makes you see more than the superficial elements of a situation and help you accept the conditions as they are without frustration or negative emotions.

  • Solution-oriented

Practicing NLP makes you think more about 'How' rather than 'why.' It makes you look forward to the solutions rather than brood over the problems. This way, it makes you forward-thinking and progressive in your approach.

  • Art of Giving Feedback

In our everyday business dealing, we come across situations where we frequently give feedback to others. NLP techniques help you learn how to provide feedback positively. It makes you see how you need to state facts and not your opinions that you have t prioritize relationships. It also makes you learn to listen first, be specific in your comments, and choose words that best communicate your thoughts without hurting or belittling your employees. A negatively portrayed feedback can ruin your relationship with your employees and make them feel unproductive, and affect their working ability.

  • Positive Thinking

It is of utmost importance that you perceive that every action taken by your employees was with good intention. You can only realize the effort they put in and truly value their input in building your business if you think positively. NLP helps you see the good in people and wire your brain to think positively in every situation.

  • Set Realistic Expectation

NLP makes you see the reality of people, what they are, and why they are who they are. These are the fundamental questions that guard your dealings with your employees. If you understand your employees well, you set realistic expectations and reward or criticize an employee accordingly.

  • Refute Limiting Beliefs

NLP can help you eliminate the beliefs that limit you as a leader and help you overcome your fears. If you practice it at work, you can boost the morale and confidence of your team by refuting their limiting beliefs and communicating to them how they may add value to your business.

How NLP Can Help Businesses Move Forward?

NLP is not just a personal skill. It is an asset for businesses, and when practiced on the multiple leadership levels in an organization, it can accomplish the following goals for the companies.

  • Help learn the language of your customers

  • It can help achieve predictable business outcomes successfully

  • Improve external business relationships

  • Improve internal business communications

  • Boost employees' confidence, morale, motivation, and trust in the organization

  • Improve training programs, presentations, and sales demos

  • Helps drive employees towards goals and target with focus

These are just a few benefits that NLP can help manifest in your business dealings. There can be many more in your everyday transactions with your employees and customers if you practice NLP as your second nature.

The startup owners and business leaders aiming to achieve higher targets need to invest in their internal and external communication, and NLP can be the key to go by.

Enroll in any of the NLP training courses or get in touch to know more.

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