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Pandemic and the Importance of Learning a New Skill

Whether it is about your career, business, or social life, learning a new skill imparts a multidisciplinary transformation to all spheres of your life.

When the World Toppled Down

The year 2019 started off like every other year, full of ambitions, resolutions, and future plans, but who knew what it had in store at the end of it! Toppling the very basis of life as we have always known it to be, the year 2019 succumbed to the unprecedented attack of health predicament instigated by the Sars-Cov-2 virus, we all know as the Coronavirus or Covid-19. It changed the entire view of the world we had, and the year 2020 started off as one of the worst nightmares for many of us around the globe.

With jobs lost, security breached, health hazarded, and faiths in the systems dwindled, human beings worldwide are immersed in an unbreakable chain of uncertainty, social insecurity, fear of life, and financial setback.

What Did We Learn?

The pandemic gave mankind three lessons we might not have previously understood as clearly as we could now:

1) Future plans will not always be executed

2) Foundations on which we build the very plans will not always be the same

3) Changing with the changing times is the only way to go by

The pandemic made it very clear that the things we base our lives upon can also dwindle, and then the only way to go is to bend with the course of life.

Staying Afloat

Fortunes are made at both the crucial times: the up-building and at the destruction of societies. The same goes for the pandemic. Indeed it has been a time of great crisis and constraints, but it was a time which everyone had the freedom to utilize their own way. And that has made all the difference.

Learning to stay afloat amid the crisis is the most crucial part of survival. It requires determination, enthusiasm, and direction. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of:

· Not relying on the systems for social and financial security

· Invest in yourself to improve your means

· When life gives you lemons, learn how to make as many dishes as you can!

Learning New Skills

About managing to survive during such a critical period, the Covid-19 made us realize that learning new skills can give you an edge over the others. This pandemic made us see the importance of learning skills that were

  • Relevant under the specific circumstances

  • It can be learnt and practiced individually

  • Can work remotely

Moreover, the negativity around us during times of crisis can only be refuted with the positivity of doing something productive. Learning new skills during quarantine has helped people benefit from their leisure time.

Importance of Learning a New Skill

Get an Edge Over the Others

There are plenty of benefits that one can retrieve when learning a new skill. It does not only help an individual improve his/her life at multiple levels but also helps society move forward despite great hurdles in its usual course.

  • Sense of achievement: learning new skills impart a sense of accomplishment in the individual, and they feel more productive and confident.

  • Leadership: Learning gives you an edge to enjoy your supremacy over those who did not learn anything new. It makes you lead the group and lead the change.

  • Creativity: Learning new skills broadens your perspective. It enhances your exposure and imparts a creative and innovative thought process to the learner.

  • Open new vistas: When the old way of life is gone, learning new skills can open up new vistas of opportunities for you to learn, grow and survive the worst situations.

  • Financial gains: practicing the new skills help you increase your financial gains and generate a source of income for yourself or your team. If you learn something that can work remotely, you also refuse to depend on the system and are able to generate income without permanent workspace and geographical bounds.

  • Growth in personal and professional lives: Learning helps you grow at various levels. It grows you on a human level and equips you with the knowledge and skill you may require to climb up the career ladder.

  • Decision making: with enhanced exposure comes enhanced vision. It helps you make better, informed decisions.

  • Communication: Learning new skills improves your speech. It has a substance and value for others to derive.

  • Expand connections: expanding your skill base will help you connect with many other people associated with that skill. This way, it boosts your social and professional network and makes you feel connected with the people in that domain.

  • Secure jobs: Learning a new skill at work can also help you secure your career when companies are frequently downsizing. Be it any kind of skill, soft or hard, it helps add value to your CV.

How NLP Can be a Wise Choice to Learn?

The goal of learning a new skill should be more subjective rather than objective. Career and financial gains should not be the only objective; rather than growing as a human and excelling in your being is what makes you stand out in the crowd.

NLP is one such skill that helps you grow as a human as well as bring in the social and financial gains we all aim to achieve. It starts off by improving oneself and ends on improving others while spreading the positivity we all need during times like these.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the knowledge of rewiring your brain to think positively, productively, and attain a problem-solving mind-frame. It focuses on what to do next and how rather than lamenting why it happened.

Skills learnt in NLP

NLP can be regarded as a soft skill where you learn the scientifically proven techniques of:

1) Inspiring and motivating people

2) Non-verbal communication

3) Question framing to find better answers

4) Anchoring

5) Secrets of hypnosis

6) Confidence building

7) Controlling emotions

If practiced in one's own life, all these skills can transform one's way of thinking. It redefines their actions and reactions. If you learn NLP as a practitioner, you have the power to inspire others to think positively, motivate them for good, help them bury their skeletons in the closet forever, and make them productive individuals of society.

How NLP Benefits?

NLP is a technique of understanding the brain's language and controlling brain rather than being controlled by it. It has numerous benefits to transform an individual's life or help transform others' lives.

  • Imparts clarity of vision

  • Reframes thought process

  • Make you manage difficult people and situations

  • Imparts self-confidence

  • Breaks negative behavioral patterns

  • Improves communication and coaching skills

  • Improves performance at work and within teams

And many more.

Practice Being the Survivor and Pull Other's Up the Ladder

Learning new skills and growing as a person could not be more stressed after this pandemic. But the inclusion of skills is fundamental; otherwise, it is all a waste of time.

Learn skills that give you an edge over the others but ensure that your growth is not just private but initiates a flow-on effect that benefits those around you who may not help themselves.

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